Why Don't People Buy Sony Smartphones?

Birt 5 okt 2020
The Sony Xperia series is way cooler than any sales numbers indicate!
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  • The answer is simple they don't do much marketing, the last time i saw a sony phone ad was in 2016. I guess you just solved this problem

  • I used to use Sony phones but every time you get a crack the screen stops working unlike other smart phones. that's a deal breaker once I realised others dont have the problem. I'm not sure if it's still the case with the digitzers

  • i can add a reason for you. Korea and japan had some issue so most koreans (not all) dont buy or use japanse products.

  • I feel the same, great analysis.

  • You should review the LG V60

  • You said yourself that Sony supplies parts for a lot of other phones. So they may be doing less than stellar marketing on purpose, so as to not become a true competitor for their own clients. Instead spending money on niche features that really show off the potential of their products. Thus making their phones a marketing ploy aimed at other phone makers rather than phone users. Just a thought.

  • Marques gets sponsorship from sony. Next video: Why you should buy sony phones.

  • I had an Xperia back in 2014. My experience wasn't that good mostly due the Hardware and performance both giving in within less than 2 years.

  • 21:9 is "ultrawide"

  • Some reviewers got it the next month in the uk

  • mwhaha you suckers go waste cash on an iphone, meanwhile i'm getting one of these with a bundle pack and free headphones lollllll

  • How bad is Sony marketing for their phones? I didn't even know they made phones. The 5 ii is the nicest phone too. Love the specs.

  • Why Don't People Buy Sony Smartphones? One word..: OVERPRICED!

  • i haven't watched the video yet but i can tell you the reason why people don't buy sony phones is because they're unreliable and the software is filled with bugs. matter of fact i'm typing this on an xz1 and this stupid thing reboots so many times in a day and up to this day sony still hasn't released a patch for it. i've also had a z3 and z5 compact before. the z3 died while the z5 compact's touchscreen stopped working - prior to me retiring the z5c i've fixed the touchscreen 3 times already then it broke again and i gave up. they're like the alfa romeo of smartphones, it's a shit ton of fun until something breaks.

  • The problem is that Sony isn't creative like it's when they launched the Xperia Z line, now their smartphones are boring, with nothing that distinct from other Android phones, I remember when they launched Xperia Play, with playstation games, after the Z line also gets PS games, but after that, they abandon their differential and was only another one in the crowd. I loved the Xperia Z3 and the glass build of it, but the years came and the design stayed the same, the camera software was very bad, even with the best sensor, photos taken with Xperia, was overprocessed and inferior to other phones wearing the same sensor. I hope that Sony come back soon, because the market, needs more competition.

  • Still using the Z3 Compact and it's still fantastic. If it's not sold by ATT/VZW, then most folks won't know they exist or get carrier discounts that make $1000 phones accessible to the masses.

  • Sony could use this feedback. I have said for a long time that they should stop announcing things so far in advance. As someone incredibly impatient, I see an advert for something, realise it’s not going to be released for a while, then get bored with the money I’ve saved up and spend it elsewhere. They do this with their games/remasters all the time.

  • Is there a link for the Bluetooth headset bundle that you were talking about?

  • And the fact that you can’t just go to Verizon att T-Mobile Best Buy and walk out with a Sony phone. Sony is aweful at marketing these things

  • VERY expensive phone with prices as Iphone with lesser quality and technical support and without additive value>>>>i phone is a prestigeous phone....if i want cheaper phone samsung huwaii is better......i think it will disappear for sure

  • Had three Sony Xperia phones, loved them but yeah the launch is catastrophic, every time six month at least of wait time to hope being able to buy the phone and the successor is in the work. Also the OS update is horrific with six to ten months delays if it even is updated ...

  • Sony Xperia:.... naah broo! get that shit outta ma face! Sony Playstation 5:...... now thaaaat's better

  • i buy every product of sony

  • Every review says the camera is horrible???

  • I'm not buying it because it's expensive i'd rather buy oneplus

  • If I didn't own a one plus phone I'd get this

  • Sony phones are overpriced compared to other phones. Which are also overpriced. So Sony phones are really overpriced for what you get. 4k on a 6 inch phone isnt really that great tbh.

  • If it arrives late to MKBHD, It's LATE.

  • I had a sony phone and it was super good

  • Sony price is over price.dey hv 2 b open in budget

  • Ich hatte 2018 ein Sony der 200 Hundred Dollar 💵 klasse. Ich fand das Telefon außergewöhnlich stilvoll, leicht, smart und extraordinary. Ich würde mir auch das Flagschiff kaufen.

  • The most complete and equilibrate Android phone

  • My whole life I've been loyal to Ericsson, then SonyEricsson, then Sony. Two yeas ago I wanted to buy new flagship phone from Sony... But then they made phone looks like Icrap. It was all rounded and ugly (subjective). Also, the price was beefy. So I said farewell to Sony and thanked him for all these years and bought Xiaomi for third of Sony price...

  • Sony is in almost all entertainment branches... mobile phone market is just for fun for them

  • Wait, Sony made smartphones?

  • because Mate 40 pro is better than Sony's in every way


  • If I have money then its the one and only phone I would have own, no need of IPhone or Samsung etc....

  • I guess so, most of my coworkers and family always get surprised nokia & sony still making phones after they saw my sony & nokia. I wonder if there are people like me who doesn't really care about the specs that much except for my basic needs, As long as it is good enough for my daily use which is call, messaging, youtube/movies, music, reading, lightweight games. I could use any android phones nowadays and be satisfied, so i choose the ones that nobody use but have/had a powerful brand name: sony & nokia. My next wishlist is Sharp & Motorola. And maybe huawei or fujitsu. Powerfull specs is great and all but it doesn't mean shit if you don't take full advantage & use the most of it's capability.

  • Take note Sony. The info provided in this video and in the comments is what your customers are asking for. The majority of people want Sony to do well.

  • Sony 🥇

  • Sony Mobile already left Indonesia since 2015

  • The answer is the same with the question, why Toyota does not sell in Europe. It's because of Germanic culture reigns. It's the Goebbels culture, where targets are discriminated. For example the Prius has been tested in a race track at full speed in Europe. It's not built to race on track, but the presentation creates negative impression. German culture is the epitome of Narcissism. Dieselgate was the scam that Germans schemed in order to eliminate Toyota - equally WW2 Yellow Peril Germans set the emission rules that Toyota followed.. But the Germans did not! Instead, they used the resources to other aspects of car, such as handling and quality interior materials. They scammed, but during the 20 years they outpaced the Japanese on these aspects. It remains to customer criteria whether will approve the scambags. South Koreans and Chinese are Allies of Germany.

  • petition to make sony pay marques for this advertisement

  • 1-Bring down the prices. Sony wants to be like Apple, selling premium phones at a premium price, but it's clearly not working. 2-Sell the phones at the carriers. Seriously a lot of people just buy whatever phone available. 3-Profit

  • First Sony needs to put better motherboard design. Due of bad design, stereo crosstalk and other output levels are bs.

  • The only reason I'm not buying a Sony phone because it's doesn't available in my country. It was available but then gone.

  • Just wish it wasnt android

  • great video.

  • sony needs to see this

  • My Xperia XZ died few months ago, after 3 years of use, and i switched to Samsung A70, its a better phone But i still miss my XZ, i miss its top 3,5 jack, i miss its water proofing, i miss its screen (weird huh 😂), and i miss its quality music app If Sony Mobile hadnt exited Indonesia market, i would still buy Sony phones

  • Sony products are always the best and like no other.

  • the reason why i don't buy sony smartphones (anymore) is the PRICE i had a xperia s and a xperia z ultra before my phone now of course the quality is high end, but i'm from the time when a 500€ smartphone was considered as EXPENSIVE AF nowadays, with all those iphones and samsungs, which are as expensive as some cheap a... used CARS here in germany, even those 500€ look interesting and lets be honest: a cheap phone from china like mine (Honor 8X) does the job quite well too EVEN THOUGH it does not have a 4k display nor an over the top camera (but at least night mode :D) and the rest? well: in th end I have paid 230€ nearly 2 years ago for something, that might be not as strong as the xperia 5 mk 2, but like many many many other people, I wouldn't mind or even feel that difference in phone "power"

  • Have used sony phones for almost 10 yrs before making switch to samsung. Unfortunately sony is no longer easily available in India. Would love to go back to sony

  • I have answer. Everybody buys iphone.

  • Dynamic vibration mode? Imagine playing songs like russian hard bass

  • Is it only me who dislikes the aspect ratio of Sony phones

  • thank you

  • Practically, almost nil advertisement. We have seen NO advertisement in the crowded markets such as INDIA. The second most reason is PRICE.

  • loved this review!!! it would be amazing if you could also review the xperia 5 ii. it must be as good as the 1 ii probably but then why such a price difference? is there something 1 ii has that 5 ii doesn't?

  • it's like the john cena of smartphones

  • Sony is not selling sets in India .😭😭😭

  • Same I also rooting for sony from my teenager time means from ericson time to till now I really get hype about sony mobile ❤️

  • sony suck, i rather use an old iphone 6s than the newest sony phone, its easier to use

  • take the top ten "unbox / smartphone" channels and count up how many sponsored china phones they've had on their channels and how many organic reviews of other phones there's your answer, it's in your pocket sony didn't do this, the corrupt review talking heads did

  • ❤️

  • Why Don't People Buy Sony SmartPhones? Simple True Answer: They don't want their friends to see she/he has an android.

  • If there is no ads, the video is ad

  • U r gorilla 😂

  • Is this available in India.?

  • I've always wanted a Sony phone. But I'm broke, so all the people who know how I'm feeling right now, ya know...

  • Because of over priced

  • Heres why Sony doesn't sell phones: When i was younger i REALLY wanted Sony phones. like back with t9 keystrokes and everything was flip phones. But I couldn't because the phones didn't have carrier financing. So while almost every phone available is either free (with new contract) or $10 a month, the Sony phones were always full price, at hundreds of dollars, because they didn't have the carrier subsidy. It's a real shame because Sony has made the best in class phones for more than a decade. Similar to their VIAO laptops. Sony can make the best quality items in consumer electronics, but they're unable to build and maintain the "consumer level exposure" partnerships that allow them to be accepted by the masses. If this phone was headlining on AT&T's website for $30 per month like the iphone is, it would be a player. But they can't secure that and I don't know why they don't care to.

  • *Pro tip* they don't.

  • I bought the Sony Xperia 1 and had it imported to Australia since it's not available here. And I absolutely love it, honestly best phone I've ever had and I've had many Samsung's. Love the design... Disappointing more people don't buy it, cause they are awesome awesome phones

  • Next phone gonna be definetly a water resistant one, after i dropped my new Xiaomi 9t into the bath tub.....

  • The problem is when a newer smartphone comes out after the others is that most people don't want to switch to a new phone maker. Its hard to or you are unable to transfer your songs, movies and other stuff you have downloaded into your phone. I know a lot of iPhone users who would love to switch to Samsung but they would lose so much of their stuff that they saved onto their iPhone

  • Because they don't have money

  • The thing I got from this video: SONY's marketing team for their mobile division SUCKS.


  • A big sony fan from India. presently I m using sony xz1 mobile

  • the sony xperia z3 was the best phone i’ve ever had

  • Sony , LG is the fucking underrated phone !

  • Why it's always Deadmau5 on MKBHD?

  • also the battery of these sony phones are just crazy compare to samsung and apple

  • I would love to buy a Sony phone but they don't distribute their phones to Australia and I like to buy my phone in person since I dont trust spending high amounts of money online. My friend is the exact same way we love Sony but since they don't sell their phones in Australia they have missed out on a few sales

  • In a nutshell: Poor marketing and not sending review phones to tech reviewers in time.

  • Favorite Marques Brownlee Review

  • Wow! Does anyone know the reliability of the Sony phones? What keeps me with Iphone is the reliability. I have owned Iphones since 2013 and never had an issue. Are the security updates on par with Apple?


  • I think the reason the average person wont pick this up is because they realize taking photos requires experienced and knowledge, and unfortunately most people don't have that. They just want AI doing the heavy lifting for them. I think that's kind of good because it separates the rookies from the pro. So I'll someone picking up this phone knows exactly what they are going to do with it.

  • They are ugly, i never liked their phones design. They need to focus in how their phone looks, imo that is where they fail, many people get attracted to the look of the phone then they start looking up specs. Reviews etc. Sony phones need to look at Samsung and Apple, their designs are so sweet, a Samsung midrange plastic phone looks better then Sony Premiums. That my friend is a problem.

  • Because of not available in india I am a die heart fan of sony xperia phones

  • ...because they're stupid. They have their shitty iPhones. The thing about iphone users is that they know nothing about their own phones and how it's even trashy for that matter

  • Worst phones. I hate Sony. Sony phone's not long lasting, it lasted mainly 2 years. I used Sony and I suffered. Also not giving updates.

  • Sony: (shoots mobile marketing team) Also Sony: Why does nobody want our cellphones? This is the phone that I wanted, but nearly half a year after its launch the telcos where I live in do not even carry these phones, and even the official Sony stores still haven't had stock of these phones. I had to settle for a Samsung Galaxy S10+ because Sony cannot market a phone to save their lives.

  • I still use my sony xperia xa that i got in 2016 and the battery will still last over a day

  • That dog is really pretty!

  • Dont make em fool you. I have used sony phone and let me tell you how it’s a worst choise:- 1) it wont stay the same for long. Performance go down in weeks. 2) screen replacement price is more than new smartphone. 3) laggy and unrefined ui and function. 4) next level battery drainage. Un explainable. 5) specs sheet ≠ deliverance. In simple way you buy it. You will be bullshitted. (It is not a great, intresting, compelling phone as he is describing it)

  • People do buy Sony phones especially in Japan a lot of people use Sony devices there